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Lori Trovato

Floral Art

Found Florist Farm delivers flowers daily to Windham, Mansfield and Surrounding Towns. The owner, Lori started her floral art journey over 35 years ago. Her love for plants and flowers transitioned to her becoming a certified plant science & college level floral teacher.  Lori's story transitioned to the realization of a huge wish to do more for her grandson & her family. Her why includes being able to utilize her floral art education in her business to bring joy to others with everyday flowers, home decor items, weddings, life memorial events. Her why is multifaceted to create feelings of calm, joy and a sense of completeness to people's worlds through her art form.

Lori's vision for her business is to continually innovate items that bring a smile to someone and make their lives shine. Our Business is a multifaceted floral art based business working in our studio on 17 acres in Mansfield Center, Lori uses the land around her for inspiration. Lori's belief is that nothing is impossible, you just need to believe. 

Lori Trovato: Meet the Team
Lori Trovato: Portfolio
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