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Shelly Napoletano Flynn


Shelly Napoletano Flynn is a local potter based in West Hartford, Connecticut. 

Her work consists of wheel thrown decorative and functional forms that reflect both the predictability and unpredictability of Nature.  Utilizing multiple firing techniques such as wood, primitive, and gas, elements of Nature are instilled in each piece.

Shelly began her art education many years ago, but life redirected her into the helping profession of social work.  Despite a home, family, and satisfying career, an unnamed longing existed – a yearning that encouraged her heart to sing in a different way and to create balance within her life.

It was one day nearly seventeen years ago, on a very long, soul searching walk that she began her journey into the world of pottery.  The journey to pursue her heart’s passion unfolded in magical ways.  Teachers and opportunities presented themselves, and her learning blossomed into creating North Node Pottery, LLC in West Hartford where she creates her Nature inspired pottery and teaches private pottery lessons.

Shelly Napoletano Flynn: Meet the Team
Shelly Napoletano Flynn: Portfolio
Primitive Example 2.jpg
Primitive Firing Example.jpg
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