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Sean Robinson & Jeff Baron

Glass Art

Sean and Jeff’s collection of unique kiln formed fused glass objects are handmade and custom designed, and inspired by color, light and texture. They started their journey with glass by taking classes at The Washington Glass School in Mount Ranier, Maryland just outside Washington, D. C.. There they learned many aspects of working with glass, including the fundamentals of fusing, slumping and dimensional kiln casting both functional pieces and sculptural objects. Sean is currently a Resident Artist working in the Artist Incubator Space, bringing a fresh perspective and energy to the Washington Glass School.


Sean’s kiln-formed glass celebrates both form and function, existing as work that is simultaneously sculptural as well as useful. He is drawn to the physical nature of glass as well as the creative possibilities that arise with designing, cutting, stacking, layering and ultimately slumping or draping sheets of glass into various forms. Drawing inspiration from nature, as well as architecture, he plays with the juxtaposition of light and dark, hardness and softness, stillness and movement. His glass is seemingly organic and minimalist in design, while the process is intuitive and expressionistic. The lines throughout his work signifies the horizons between earth and sky, inside and outside, here and there, past and present, as well as to denote the boundaries and edges of our life, which when met, give us a sense of energy, growth, and possibilities. Growing up with family members who were artists, he was exposed to drawing, painting, ceramics, and textile/fabric arts throughout much of his youth. Gravitating to textiles and fabrics as an adult, he connects to the world of glass fusing because it allows him to combine creativity with science, in that glass work speaks to his love of color, light, and pattern, and requires a certain level of understanding of the material properties of glass. 


Jeff draws inspiration from the organic and the imperfect, finding beauty and tranquility in color, texture and shape. His palette is often reminiscent of both the warm and cool colors of New England and Cape Cod while staying unique to each piece he creates. He has an intuitive sense of composition and color, interpreting subject and emotion in an abstract way using color and shapes that are intentional and flowing. His process is improvisational and intuitive, organic in concept and expressionistic in execution. Jeff is a Connecticut native, and his family has lived in eastern part of the state in Willimantic, Columbia, Storrs and New London as well as Waterbury for generations.


Sean and Jeff spend their time in Willimantic, Washington, D.C. and on Cape Cod in Provincetown, MA. They have a working glass studio at their home in the Hill Section of Willimantic, and they take commissions for custom pieces. Feel free to email for more information.

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