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Glenna Adams

Ceramics & Fiber

Glenna has been working in clay for over 20 years. It started out as a hobby after she married and moved here from Canada and needed something to fill her time. She’s a studio potter and
works alone in her home studio and produces mainly functional pieces.

The majority of her work is done in stoneware clay and is fired in the mid- temperature range. All stages of the process are carried out in her studio, producing functional pottery that is food
and oven safe.

Her main interest is in making and experimenting with glazes and while her background in science helps in this “it’s always a surprise when the kiln is opened.” There is always something
new to try.

Glenna has also recently tried her hand at needle felting, wet felting and Nuno felting. “Like most crafters it’s always fun to try something new.”

Glenna Adams: Meet the Team
Glenna Adams: Portfolio
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