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Annie Wandell

Fine Art

Annie Wandell is a Connecticut artist known primarily for her paintings of Windham, CT streets and buildings as well as of the Maine coast. She works in oils on canvas, paper, and wood.

Her paintings on wood are cut out to accentuate the silhouettes of the trees and buildings depicted in the painting. She also does life-size portraits on cut-out wood. Her style is representational and her work has often been compared to that of Edward Hopper. She has done a series of “bird’s eye view” paintings – a landscape from the bird’s point of view.

Since she lives in an old house, she has recently become interested in the art of painted floor cloths. These are rugs made of painted canvas which were popular in the 18th century. They are surprisingly durable. She has been working in her Windham Center studio for 30 years and has won numerous awards and prizes for her work.

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Annie Wandell: Meet the Team
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Annie Wandell: Portfolio
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