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Linda Davidson


My style is unique and as I have been told (in a very nice way) – a little twisted or off-center. I am not a very symmetrical person and perhaps that is why I prefer to work with designs that are the same. I love the challenge of making a piece feel and look balanced- even though it is not. I am inspired by color and texture, and truly enjoy the blending of both. I have a fascination with gemstones, the feel of them, what they look like, and what they say to me. My mood is often reflected in my designs and the materials choices that I make. I begin by making a bead soup (a mix of gemstones, glass, crystals, found objects and metals) in a small bowl until it reflects my thoughts, and then just let the design materialize after that. I am forever trying new techniques and using other artists’ handiwork in my designs. You can always find me at art events and festivals throughout New England.

Thank you for your interest in my jewelry designs. I hope that you can find something that speaks to your style. That would truly be the highest compliment.

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