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Stephen Shimchick

Fine Art

Where to begin …………


After being lost in the woods, taken in by a family of bears and raised by them for the first four years, a couple of tourists on a picnic rescued me and took me to Paris.

After being lost in the Louvre, I was found by security guards and apprenticed to a muralist to learn the basics of doodling, finger painting, graffiti, and that game where you take a tower of blocks and try to remove them one at a time without knocking over the entire thing.

Well, the apprentice gig didn’t work out, and somehow I wound up back in the States, went to school, got a bunch of degrees, worked until I was old, retired, and here I am now sketching, painting, sculpting with found objects, and trying to be a responsible member of the Swift Water Artisans.

Isn’t it something how life turns out!

Stephen Shimchick

Steven portrait.jpg
Steve Shimshick: Meet the Team

Early Morning Walk

Early Morning Walk - SS20 $30.jpg

Why I Don't Ride Horses

Why I Don't Ride Horses - SS19 $30.jpg

Divided Person

Steven divided person.jpg

Charcoal Man

charcoal man.jpg
Steve Shimshick: Portfolio
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