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Carmella Sadloski


Carmella has enjoyed being part of the co-op for many years. Born in Texas and raised in the Mid-West before moving to New England has influenced her love for all types of fabrics and styles. She sews and creates quilts, baby items, small soft toys, table linens, and many other craft products. Carmella works full-time as a Chiropractic Assistant. She and her husband Robert have a deep love for animals, and besides their own menagerie, they collaborate with the Stafford Veterinary Clinic to foster dogs who need a loving home. Carmella also enjoys baking and cooking and is known to help cater events for friends, family, and co-workers. Carmella’s items can be found at the co-op, and she will happily create a personalized product upon request!

Carmella Sadloski: Meet the Team
Carmella Sadloski: Portfolio
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