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Karen Drazen


I’ve been designing beaded jewelry for more than 35 years while raising two amazing sons and heading an extraordinary Montessori School . Now retired, it’s my time to immerse myself in my passion – creating wearable art for women’s adornment.

Over the years, I’ve gathered a diverse collection of striking materials – beads, stones, findings, charms and pendants – originating from all over the world – some hundreds of years old. When I see the potential in an individual component to become a part of a greater, more beautiful whole, I know have to add it to
my collection.

For me, creating each piece is a new adventure in which the materials come together to create the most surprising and eclectic designs: fancy to funky, elegant to exuberant, aligned to askew. If you’re like me, your choice of jewelry changes with the occasion and your mood. What better way to express and celebrate your individuality?

As inspiring as the materials themselves, are my interactions with the folks who take the time to look at my jewelry and share my enthusiasm and provide feedback. A particularly exciting challenge for me is to create a custom design passed on your needs, whims and tastes.

Please feel free to contact me with questions about the jewelry I’ve made or to create a new design just for you!

Karen Drazen: Meet the Team
Karen Drazen: Pro Gallery
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