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Frietha Lawrence

Fine Art

Growing up with an artist father drawing was something Frietha always did, on paper, school papers, napkins, and every scrap of paper she could find. After raising a family and retiring from a nursing career she wanted to focus on her art. She earned a BA degree in studio art from Eastern Connecticut State University. Combining her favorite medium pen and ink with drawing the introduction to the Zentangle drawing method was a natural.

Frietha was trained by Zentangle developers Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts and is certified to teach it. She has had advanced training in drawing Celtic Knots. This has brought uniqueness to some of the Zentangle pieces. She has exhibited and taught throughout Connecticut.

Patterns and designs abound all around us in God’s beautiful creation. Frietha strives to recognize and translate them into pieces of art.

Visit her web site: www.

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