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Trisha Corey-Lisle

Fiber Art - Knitting

My name is Trisha Corey- Lisle and I am happy to be returning to Swift Waters Artisans' Cooperative.  I live in Woodstock CT and have been returning to Connecticut as my permanent home- no matter where in the world I am living.  

I was taught the basics of knitting by my mother, as a youngster.  In those days it was mostly making scarfs out of acrylic "yarn" on plastic or metal needles.  When I picked it up again a few years ago- I started experimenting with different stitches, stitch combinations and designs.  (Nearly) All of my knitting is with natural products on wood or bamboo needles.  I do my best to source locally or from small batch farms.  If you would like to learn to knit or learn more about knitting, please fell free to contact me at

Trisha Corey-Lisle: Meet the Team
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