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Elizabeth Ostwald


I make jewelry because I'm not a very good baker.  


In March of 2020, back when the pandemic was first starting, I had no intention of becoming a jewelry maker. Searching for a creative outlet, like so many of us, I tried making bread.  Sadly, I'm a terrible bread-maker. And it turns out, I don't have enough patience or coordination for knitting. And you can only do so many puzzles. But when I happened across the phrase "galaxy jewelry" online, the words struck a chord inside me. Galaxies. Stars. Comets. As a science nerd, that resonated.  I was inspired.   


Pretty soon I had a shelf full of galaxy-inspired pendants, earrings, and even a few bracelets. I'm hooked. 


I make jewelry by painting glass and creating something sparkly and glittery and inspired by the cosmos: galaxies, autumn leaves, the ocean. 


When I'm not painting little bits of glass, I'm a computer programmer. 

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