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Robert Avery

Fine Art

I probably shouldn’t mention the fact I was born in Dale Sanitarium , in Saugerties New York. Neither will I talk about attending Cedar Grove School. The one room school house where I was a student for six years. A place I had to walk to uphill both ways in three feet of snow, which wasn’t easy being only two foot six.  Perhaps it was then that I became acutely aware of my surroundings. I enjoy the outdoors and spend much time photographing and painting it as well. I believe it’s time well spent. It brings me comfort and peace. A comfort to me also was finding out that the sanitarium was the closest medical facility in an emergency. I feel compelled to create art now that I’ve the time. Having spent many years in the heavy construction industry, where there was little or no time for my passion; it gives me great pleasure to pursue it now. Trying new techniques is even more satisfying. It keeps things interesting and helps to motivate me. It’s inspiring also when others enjoy my work. May they have peace and enjoyment always. As they say , the earth without art is eh.

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