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Julie Caprera

Fine Art

While there had always been an interest in art since childhood, there hadn't been opportunity. Pragmatism would win out, so I got my RN and became a critical care nurse never knowing the field of graphic design existed until  post college I had a room mate who was a graphic designer. Attempts to take art lessons proved unworkable when I had young children. Children grow, and I decided to take art lessons along side my youngest as a teen. I was hooked! Eventually, I had the opportunity to spend time under David and Pamela Lussier who helped me understand color theory and values. Now color could come to life! I call my painting style, "happy art" because art makes me happy, and I want it to make others happy also. I work in oil and acrylic. My 3 distinct styles are American Impressionism, Whimsical ("Cheery Chicks"), and Abstract. All focus on color, and making people smile!

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Julie Caprera: Meet the Team
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