Sarah Winter

Fiber - Clothworks

I have been sewing since I was a young girl. When I was in first grade my mother helped me sew matching dresses for  my doll and me. That early start led me into a world of textiles. 

After college the idea that I wanted to make my living with my own hands and ingenuity began to shape my life. I learned weaving and dyeing, continued to practice clothing construction techniques and designed a few clothing pieces to suit my style (pockets, pockets, pockets!) to sell at local shops. 

In 1993 I left my job as manager of the Willimantic Food Co-op and moved to Manhattan. While there I earned a degree in Pattern Making from The Fashion Institute of Technology. I learned the tricks and tools  of industrial manufacturing and worked for a small boutique dress manufacturer.  Unbeknown to me, while pattern makers are well paid, they generally relocate to China to get their jobs.

That wasn't going to happen!  So I set off experimenting with ways I could use my skills for my own business. I ran the costume shop at the NY Renaissance Faire and started CLOTHWORKS, a mail order clothing business out of our NYC apartment. I began exploring the craft show circuit and worked as custom clothier.

My partner and I moved back to Willimantic in 2003 and I have been committed to the Willimantic Community since then. 

Today I design clothing and bags. My design process starts with the needs of the end users. I use classic construction techniques, pay attention to details and always include pockets! I  work with natural fibers: hemp, cotton, wool and linen. I often do my own dyeing. And most recently my husband and I have begun using natural plant dyes from the bounty of dyestuffs in our own back yard.

I hope you like what you see.

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