Paul Swiacke


I retired from UCONN  and returned to a craft I started thirty years ago. In the past, I had built everything from kitchen cabinets to hardwood toys. Drawing on these skills and adding new ones I started creating one of a kind pieces out of local hardwoods with some exotics added as accents.

Custom-designed furniture pieces are created from a picture. A set of drawings is drafted from the picture sizing the item to custom fit into the area where it will be placed. While creating the drawings how the piece will be joined and the structural integrity of it must be taken into consideration. From the drawings, the pieces are cut out of boards and the furniture is assembled.

Bowls with designs are created in the same way as furniture. Starting with a picture of the bowl with the design drawings are made of the bowl and the design sizing the bowl and the individual pieces then the small pieces are cut out of boards and glued back together in the design creating a rough blank. The blank is then mounted in a lathe and cut using numerous tools creating a round bowl. Bowls of one species of wood are cut rough out of logs the rough blank is mounted in the lathe and turned round.


Rising Sun Vase


Open Segmented Vase

Open Segmented Bowl

Jewelry Box 2

Jewelry Box 1


Ribbon Box