Hanna Crose

Fine Art

I was once asked by my high school art teacher, “Hanna if you could describe your art in three words to me right this second, what would you say?”

This was a question at the time I was not able to answer directly. I was always finding new things to take interest in, always trying new things with my art (I still am). I did not have a set style, and after turning down opportunities to attend art school, I never thought my art would continue to be such a large part of my life as it is now. My art style today, well… Its whimsical, stimulating, yet delicate. Those three words are constantly changing, but for now, I’m okay with change as I am still learning. 

As a senior undergraduate student at UCONN, studying Biology and Psychology, the inspiration for much of my work comes from what I study. The mind, anatomy, nature, and dreams are the things that interest me the most and these interests reflect outwardly in the subject nature of my work. However, you will always find me turning the natural into the unnatural within my art, fusing contrasting ideas together in order to create something different as a whole. I create my art in many different ways digitally and physically and I love to mix many types of media together as I find myself the most successful in creating when I use many different components. 

I create because I love to do so, and I love being able to share that with others. I am always up for new creative challenges so you can always find me brainstorming away ideas for my art wherever I may be. 

You can follow my art page: @hannacrose 

Contact me via email for questions/commissions: hannacrose@gmail.com


Mandala 2

Mandala 2





Skull Photo