Sarah Winter – Clothes & Bags

Hemp, Organic Cotton, Linen and Wool

and don’t forget your hat!


Sarah Winter Linen dresshenlyfrontClassic Designs, Well made products. A Commitment to Community. Sarah Winter Clothworks has been sewing for the greater Willimantic community for over 20 years. When you buy a bag, wear a skirt, or shirt or don a hat made by Sarah you are wearing the best.

jon flat capnewhatsIn all of Sarah’s work you will see a commitment to sustainable practices. She works hard to decrease waste.  No piece is too small to be included in the cycle.

Sarah applies her trade to each step of the construction process. She designs the product and drafts the pattern (She has a degree in Pattern making from the Fashion Institute of Technology). Each item goes through numerous revisions as the design is perfected and constructed.littledipperFrontWeb2


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