Mel Sposato

Haven Studio
havenstudiosposato (Instagram)

My name is Mel Sposato; I live in the Northeast Quiet Corner of Connecticut. From a very young age I have loved art and found I had a true passion to create. My art feeds my soul. When I construct my artwork I feel the energy that goes into every decision I make. My art is created with the hope that they will bring joy and positive energy to the home that they will someday live.
Different mediums allow me to express different ideas in all my artwork. I enjoy incorporating antiques; I’m stimulated for old hand made materials that need a new purpose. My pixies are created with objects that I personally choose because I’m intrigued by their previous function as well as the beauty in the craft of how things used to be made. I believe the pixies are whimsical and provide a talisman for the beholder.
My mixed media paintings are inspired from my love of nature. I paint succulents and poppies. I like the combination of texture (incorporated mulberry and other types of paper) and acrylic paint to each of my paintings