Glenna Adams

Pottery for your Home

adams 5Glenna has  been working in clay for almost 15 years, but until recently pottery was mainly a hobby.  She is  a studio potter and works alone in her  home studio  producing mainly functional pottery, but occasionally making decorative pieces as well.

The majority of  her work is done in stoneware clay and fired in the mid temperature range – C/5 and C/6 – and all stages of the process are carried out in her studio, producing functional pottery that is food and oven safe.

Her main interest is in making and then combining and experimenting with glazes, and while her background in science helps in this;  “It’s always a surprise when the kiln is opened”. Glenna produces a wide variety of pieces for Swift Waters using the wheel, slab roller and extruder as well as other hand building techniques either individually or in combination; all of which means  “There is always something new to try”.