Lance Arnold

Artist Statement

Lance Arnold, a former science teacher and self-taught artist, was born in Boston and raised in Hingham, Massachusetts. He graduated from American International College with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and later, earned a Master’s in the Art of Teaching from the University of North Carolina.

Lance has always had an intense love of the ocean, and he often harvests treasures from the sea and beaches for his one-of-a-kind glass compositions and sculptures.

There is an organic feel to many of his pieces, which celebrate nature in all its various forms. He makes use of driftwood, animal bones, oxidized metal, and sea creatures to create the many unique images that appear in his glass panels and found-object sculpture.

His varied palette also consists of bits and pieces from abandoned dumpsites and roadsides, as well as from the shore. These are assembled into sculptural works that are a marriage of an aesthetic sense for color and shape and a quiet respect for found objects and serendipity. (What this really means is that he takes stuff and sticks it together with other stuff until it looks right!) These unique panels and sculptures are signed, numbered, and catalogued.

Lance’s functional and ornamental art consists of jewelry, wind-chimes, glass boxes, fairy houses, sculpture and stained glass panels.

Necklaces of shell, glass, pearl, and precious gemstones may be simple strands or complex and outrageous.

His wind-chimes, made of silver-plated spoons (occasionally antique), produce a delicate, pleasant sound. Often, broken plates or shards of glass are incorporated into the whimsical designs.

The glass boxes may be embellished with kiln-fired paint, and have leaded feet that protect fine furniture and the mirrored bottoms of the boxes themselves.

Lance has won numerous prizes for his artwork from juried shows in Pennsylvania, New York, and throughout New England, but the prizes are buried among his “found objects,” and he says he could not find them to save his life. He has also earned many awards for his photography and his teaching.

Come see Lance in his Lance Glass studio/gallery in Ashford, CT. Contact Lance at 1-860-933-7953 or via or

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